Technical Strategy Sprints

Defining the MVP

In order to move forward with your digital concept, it’s important to prepare for development. To ensure feasibility and a smooth launch of the product, a solid MVP is defined based on feature prioritization. The final result: A roadmap defining a clear plan on what to release and when. Time to confidently move towards development!

01. Understand the as-is

Understand and deep dive into the product, the platform and the features.

02. Define & Prioritise

To define the MVP, together with the decision-makers, prioritize all concepts, features and ideas, based on their:

User Value: will these help solve user needs and frustrations?
Business Value: will these realize business objectives?
Complexity: what is the technical feasibility?

03. Technical assesment & Roadmap

Build a design and development recommendation roadmap together with a high-level vision for the required architecture for the proposed solution.